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Year 3 Ancient Greek Day

On Monday 17 September Year 3 were taken back in time to Ancient Greece.

The aim of the day was to engage and provide the children with a memorable experience and introduce their first topic in our Creative Learning Project for this term –

‘Gods and Mortals’.

Ancient Greece

Enter 490 BC — Persia invades Greece. Pushing toward the city-state of Athens, the Persians reach Marathon a few miles away. The Athenians stand 10,000 strong to face the invaders, but will it be enough?

The children enter this uncertain time as residents of Athens. They take on typical roles found in the Athenian Agora (marketplace) at the time. They serve as wax tablet makers, pottery painters, fresco painters and jewellers.

As the children work, news and rumours swirl through the Agora about the battle. Can the Persians be defeated? Is Athens safe?

The school workshop climaxes with a Greek theatre in the afternoon.

The children had a wonderful experience, they really immersed themselves in the day’s activities and events. They all took home some artefacts which they had each made during the morning’s creative activities.

Year 3 are really looking forward to this term’s Creative Learning Project – Gods and Mortals.