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This week in Music…


The children have been so imaginative becoming kitchen utensils marching to ‘March Past of the Kitchen Utensils’ by Vaughan Williams. They chose which utensil they wanted to be and were completely engaged in the role! The children are beginning to show their acting skills with some role play that was incorporated into the game.


Reception have shown wonderful concentration watching Poppy the rabbit so carefully and only singing when she comes out of the hat. When Poppy is inside the hat it is a challenge to keep singing inside your head using “the thinking voice” but they are beginning to manage this skill very well.

Year 1

Year 1 have been creating their own versions of the Indian chant ‘Raghupati Raghava Rajaram’, they have been playing the rhythm “I like chips” on the Indian bells and practising the correct way to hold them to create the best sound. We discussed why holding them in a certain way would stop the instrument from vibrating therefore stopping the sound. We used chime bars to create the drone sound (we now know that a drone isn’t just a flying robot!) To begin with the children really enjoyed hitting the chime bars with force, however by the end they showed great restraint, they were listening really well and managed to recreate the long, calm sound that was required.

Year 2

The Diwali song is sounding fantastic and the children are now able to become the conductor and lead the class themselves. We discussed the importance of watching the conductor to make sure we are in unison; doing the same movements and coming off the notes at the same time. We practised some singing outside so help us to project our voices even more. They have impressed me so much, I can’t wait to get started on the Christmas production!

Violin Assembly

We were treated to some live music in assembly this week with a performance on the violin by Mrs Emanuel (violin teacher at Belmont & MHS) and Mr Chakravarty (Director of Academic Music, MHS). They played some sea shanties and the children asked them questions about the violin. We are very grateful to them for coming and inspiring the children and exposing them to live music on such an intimate level.