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This week in Year 1…

This week, Year One have begun to research lots of facts about elephants in preparation for our trip to Whipsnade Zoo.  We have learned that elephants are plant eaters and that they don’t eat meat.  We also learned that they are mammals, just like humans, and feed milk to their babies.

Our trip to Whipsnade Zoo on Thursday was a tremendous success!  We attended a workshop about endangered animals and learned about why some animals, like elephants, become endangered or even extinct!  We considered how we could help wild animals by recycling paper, switching off the lights when we leave a room and using re-usable plastic bottles and bags.  We also walked around the Asian section of the zoo and saw rhinos, elephants and tigers!  To finish off, we visited the Butterfly House and watched a ‘Birds of the World’ show.

In Maths, Year One have continued working with numbers up to 10. We have learned how to make 5 in lots of different ways using cubes and have used our knowledge of number bonds to 5 to make a number that is greater than 5.

In Phonics, we have learned the new digraphs: long ‘oo’ (food), short ‘oo’ (book), ar (park) and ‘or’ (short).

Mrs Satariano