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This week in Year 1…

This week, Year One have continued to learn lots of facts about elephants. We have learned where they live in the world and the kinds of habitats that they live in. We have also considered how their bodies are adapted to their habitats and how helpful different parts of their bodies are. Did you know that elephants can dig holes with their tusks and that their trunks help them suck up water to squirt into their mouths as well as pick leaves from tall trees? We have also learned that elephants are mammals which means they have warm blood and mummy elephants feed their babies milk, just like humans.

On Thursday and Friday, Year One were fortunate enough to be taught how to paint elephants by our visiting Art teacher, Mrs Maureen Burgess.  We were delighted with the paintings which will also be used to cover the front of our learning journals.

In Maths, Year One have continued to work with numbers up to 10 and have solved addition and subtraction story problems using pictures and key words such as ‘altogether’, ‘total’ and ‘left’.

In Phonics, we have learned our first trigraph ‘igh’ (light), as well as some more digraphs: ‘ur’ (turn), ‘ow’ (town) and ‘oi’ (coin).

Mrs Satariano