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Y5 Trip to the British Library

This week the children of Year 5 visited the British Library and took part in a research workshop where they had to use their thinking and questioning skills to learn information relating to the library collection of books on King George III, which is housed in the British Library.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were able to take away many interesting facts. A number of children returned to school enthused about their learning, with one child commenting on wanting to become a librarian. Hopefully the skills they have learnt this week will stand them in good stead for the future.

‘I loved walking around the library and especially all the exhibits and the philatelic department with all the money and stamps. I thought that Henry Davis’ book binder collection was cool and Captain Scotts diary on the pole was brilliant but it had a sad ending. I learnt that a lot of books were written in Latin and English. There was even the collection of George the III books and they were donated by his son George IV. There was also an original copy of Shakspear plays and stories. I wish there was an original copy of Anne Franks diary but it is in Amsterdam and Samuel Pepys diary on the Fire of London is in Cambridge.’

Siobhan Black

Lower School Tutor & Pastoral Assistant