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Belmont & The Rotary Box Scheme

On Thursday and Friday of last week the families of Belmont and Grimsdell sent in 407 Rotary boxes full of lovely and thoughtful gifts. The boxes go to deprived children and families living in very poor villages in Central and Eastern Europe. The gift of a shoe box, crammed with goodies, is a drop of happiness to the recipients who live in a world of poverty. For many, it will be the first present that they have ever received and it lets them know that somebody somewhere cares.

It was a superb effort from families from both schools and the children exhibited amazing levels of generosity and empathy for this cause. The Belmont class tutors have since been showing the children videos of some of the people who have received boxes like ours so that they can see and understand the effect our boxes have on families and children who live very different lives from us. Please visit the link below:

Thank you so much to all the parents who came in to help check through the boxes and help load them onto the van and thank you so much to all of the children who filled such lovely boxes!