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Belmont’s New Sports Hall Fundraising Event

Tuesday 6 November saw the launch of the campaign for the new sports hall at Belmont.  Head of Belmont Leon Roberts and the Director of Sport Lotte Goldthorpe and Foundation Director of Development, Nick Priestnall, announced the plan to raise £1m over the next year.  We’ve had a fantastic start to the campaign and have already received generous donations totalling £744,000, which we are very grateful for and so are pretty much three-quarters of the way there. Over the next year we are optimistic we shall reach the £1m target for the building from gifts of all sizes and a range of events.  A huge thank you to those who have already made generous pledges to get the campaign off to an amazing start and to the Grimsdell Parents Association and Friends of Belmont are fully committed to supporting the campaign over the next year. Campaign brochures will be sent out next week. It’s not just financial donations which are needed; if you can help in any way with the campaign, that would be great too.

For anything more about the campaign contact Nick Priestnall on np@millhill.org.uk or 020 8906 7962.