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This week in Reception…

The tiger who came to Reception!

After our Diwali celebrations, Reception classes sat down to decide what they would like to find out next about India. They decided they wanted to learn about animals. The favourite was tigers. What better way to start off our week by reading one of our favourite books ‘The tiger who came to tea’. We spoke about our favourite part of the story, wrote our own invitations, painted with tea bags and made tigers with lots of different materials. We spoke about what a fact was, shared our previous knowledge and then learnt new things abour tigers.

I wonder what animal they will want to find out about next!

We also enjoyed trying new foods this week, we made our own Raita and tasted it with Naan bread.

Number 8 was our focus this week, we have begun to order all the numbers we have learnt on a number line and started to look at missing numbers. We looked at different ways that we can make 8 using counters and splitting them into two groups. We wanted to see how we would also make it fair.

Miss Deamer and the Reception Team