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Visiting the Jaguar Land Rover Factory

This Monday twenty-two Sixth Form DT pupils, accompanied by Ms Banks, Mr Marshall and Major Norrington, travelled to Solihull to visit the Jaguar Land Rover factory. During an extensive tour of the facilities, pupils and teachers had the opportunity to marvel at the grace and precision of the 800 robots and 200 workers in action. Our behind the scenes visit gave us a fascinating insight into the skills, organisation and focus on quality that go into producing this range of prestigious car.

‘Right first time’ was a mantra used throughout the company and the pupils needed to develop this approach as they engaged with a number of increasingly competitive manufacturing and problem solving activities. In the final analysis, sound organisation, thoughtful task engagement and support for other team members contributed towards group successes. Celebrating our wins with chocolate brownies we returned home having gained a practical appreciation for production line technology and the importance of quality control.