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This week in Year 1…

This week, Year One have continued to celebrate the arrival of Diwali!  We have all made and decorated our clay diva lamps and have been writing instructions on how to make a diva lamp, remembering to use time openers to begin each instruction as well as ‘bossy’ verbs (imperatives).

We also took time to re-read our instruction writing and edit it, ensuring that each instruction was in the correct sequence. We are certainly never going to forget how to make a clay diva lamp!

In Maths, Year One have begun to compare numbers by finding the difference. We used subtraction equations to find the difference and also used cubes to visually and verbally compare the difference between two numbers. We used the language ‘more than’, ‘fewer than’ and ‘less than’.  We also used number in non-standard measurement and compared the difference in length between an elephant’s foot, a tiger’s paw and our own foot.

In Phonics, we have begun to blend and segment adjacent consonants (consonant clusters); namely CVCC (lamp) and CCVC (crack) words. We learned what a vowel is and what vowel sounds are and listened carefully to our words to hear the vowel sounds within each one.

Mrs Satariano