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Year 7 receive Bookbuzz 2018 titles!

This week Year 7 pupils have been able to go home clutching a brand new book, thanks to the fantastic people at Booktrust, the reading charity.

Before half term, all Year 7 pupils were able to browse this year’s range of Bookbuzz choices and select a book from this year’s range. The titles varied from horror, humour and heroics to real-life dramas, mystery and a non-fiction title from the popular Guinness World Records series. As you can see, the most popular title by some margin was Ali Sparkes’ modern-day thriller Car-Jacked, about a boy with a genius IQ who is accidentally kidnapped when his parents’ car is stolen with him still inside.

The books have been paid for through Library funds and are a gift to welcome Year 7 pupils to senior school, building on and supporting their love of reading. The orders were placed before half term and after much anticipation, the books quietly arrived on Thursday; in lessons, English teachers presented them to their excited Year 7 classes.

Many thanks to Mr Black for portering the 115 titles around(!), the English department for making time to support this brilliant scheme and, of course, to Booktrust for another cracking set of titles.

Mrs Hunt, Librarian