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Fourth Form Self-Portraits

Fourth Form artists in both Mill Hill School and Mill Hill International displayed their self-portraits in an exhibition in the Chapel this week, and the artwork became the main focus of our Chapel services on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. A main feature of the exhibition was a large collection of ceramic heads which were created by Mill Hill School pupils, inspired by Antony Gormley’s Field for the British Isles (1989-2003). Sixth Form artists also spoke about the importance of self-portraiture as a means of discovering more about our own unique personalities and the influences that have shaped our lives.

Pupils’ self-portrait drawings were displayed on all the panels around the Chapel and included a mixture of the traditional portrait style, funny faces and expressions of other artists’ self-portraiture. In so doing, these portraits enabled every pupil in the school who attended our Chapel services, to reflect on their own uniqueness – and crucially, to appreciate more fully their own individual characteristics.

At Mill Hill International, Fourth Form pupils each painted a part of their face and amalgamated all 12 pieces into one giant colourful self-portrait which was hung above the altar. This collaborative work also represented the fact that although we are individuals, we are linked together as members of one school and one community.

The Art Department is thrilled with pupils enthusiasm in taking personal and exciting photo shoots in the lead up to this exhibition. The Chaplain is also delighted that the chapel is being fully used as a creative space where art can be displayed as a means of both artistic and spiritual reflection. We hope you enjoy their confident display of self-expression!