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Mill Hill School’s Video Analysis Platform

Mill Hill Sport Department has been pushing the envelope of performance in recent years including increased expert strength and conditioning staff to redeveloping facilities and equipment.  This academic year we have been exploiting new technology and in particular video analysis methods with our Rugby, Netball and Football teams, taking advantage of the world’s largest analysis platform Hudl. Hudl is market leading and revolutionising the way both coaches and athletes prepare for, and stay ahead of, the competition.

Hudl enables coaches and pupils to take footage filmed during training and matches from fixed cameras, smartphones or tablets and allows them to share and review performance and techniques, providing valuable insight into how performance and strategies can be improved.

Pupils are being sent team plays, themes and detailed reviews from the weekend games which are being highlighted in tailored review sessions at the start of the week in either the classroom or via the app on the pupils’ smartphones. The feedback to pupils has been vital in helping them take their sport to the next level and help our teams win more games than ever.

There is nothing more powerful than giving pupils the ability to review and learn through analysing their own footage. Mill Hill is ahead of the curve in the UK independent sector, developing our pupils in this way; we are looking forward to seeing the impact it will have on Mill Hill Sport.