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The Netball Team Welcome Stella

Mill Hill School is excited to welcome Australian pupil Stella from the Sunshine Coast Grammar School in Queensland. Stella has joined us for the Spring Term, to experience life and Netball in the Northern Hemisphere. Stella has followed Sam who joined us last year playing Cricket, further developing our links and exchange programme between the two schools. Below are a few light-hearted questions to help us get to know our most recent addition to the Senior Netball programme, and we look forward to seeing Stella playing Netball verses Copthall this weekend.

Who do you think will take out the Netball quad series, which is currently being played in England?
Australia, of course.

Where do you live in Australia?
I live on the Sunshine Coast, one hour north of Brisbane, which is the capital city of Queensland.

What is your school like in Australia?
My school in Australia is very new in comparison to Mill Hill as it has only been round for 22 years and is much smaller than Mill Hill.

How does girls’ sport in school compare here with Australia?
They are both quite similar but some of the sports available to participate in are different.

What English words have made you laugh?

What is the first thing you will do when it snows?
Make a snowball.

Why did you come to England?
I came to England mainly for netball. Also to meet new people and experience a different culture.

How long are you on exchange at Mill Hill?
I am in England for one school term.

What does your day consist of at Mill Hill?
I usually have 2-4 lessons a day then I have a strength and conditioning sessions, play netball or help coach down in Belmont school.

Which House are you in?
I am happily a part of the New House family.

Netball aspirations at Mill Hill?
I hope to develop new skills and techniques to improve my game.

Favourite sportswoman?
Kim Ravaillion, the Australian centre because she is someone who I can learn from and relate to in my own game.

What is your favourite English lolly/sweet/chocolate bar?
My favourite English chocolate bar is Aero.

What five words would you use to describe your experience so far here to your friends back in Australia?
Exciting, enjoyable, fun, new and cold.

Charlotte Dickin
Girls’ Sports Coordinator & Games Coach