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This week in Music…

The children have been singing “Jump, Jim, Joe” – one of our ‘Singing Playground’ songs and have maturely grasped the concept of moving in concentric circles, even when asked to reverse their direction from clockwise to anti-clockwise. It has also been lovely to hear them taking the song out of the music room and out into the playground.

Reception have made a fantastic start on some of their songs for their show in March. We have been exploring which percussion instruments would suit each song and why. The children are starting to articulate reasons why they have chosen a particular instrument, i.e. “The drum sounds like the polar bear’s footsteps”. We have been working on playing the pulse of the song with certain instruments and selecting other instruments to play only on chosen words. It was a great challenge for those children that had to wait with concentration for their turn. When an instrument is in your hand it can be very tempting to play it! Well done reception.

Nursery have had fun moving with scarves to Tchaikovsky’s ‘Russian Dance’ from ‘The Nutcracker’ and enjoyed watching the original ballet version.

Mrs Wakefield