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This week in Nursery…

We have had a great week in Nursery. The children have enjoyed learning all about passports and why we use them. They have made their very own passports, however in these ones the children didn’t need to make a serious face in their photo and they could decorate the front with all the things that they love.

We have also had fun making and flying paper aeroplanes. The children flew them outside and we had a competition to see whose could fly the furthest.

We have been reading stories by the author ‘Anthony Browne’ these past couple of weeks and the children particularly enjoyed the story ‘Silly Billy’. In this story Billy worries about many things and to help him stop worrying, he makes worry dolls to share all his worries with. Some of the children then made their own worry dolls in the creative area.

We have also been very creative with large boxes this week. The children painted or drew on the boxes to make them into trains and then had great fun role playing in them and explaining what else we might need to make them look like a real train.

Today we were exploring all the different ways our bodies can move. The children took it in turns to move in a range of ways and then we all copied. It was great fun!!

Miss Davey