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This Week in Nursery…

We have had another busy week in Nursery! We enjoyed looking at our first sound of the week ‘s’ and made a lovely ‘s’ using sand. The children really enjoyed bringing their things in from home beginning with the sound and sharing what they were with their friends.

I think the weather knew we were looking at the sound ‘s’ this week and decided to bring snow for us on Wednesday. The children were overjoyed and we had amazing fun exploring and playing in the snow. We used food colouring to colour the snow, made snow castles, a small snowman and threw a few snowballs. It was great fun but we were a little cold after all that playing so we had a warm treat of hot chocolate at snack time.

This week we were following on from aeroplanes that move to trains. The children told me what we needed for the role play area to transform it into a train and we enjoyed reading the story ‘A train ride’. We used our imagination to think about where we would like to travel to on a train and the children came up with some very exciting answers.

Today we made sandwiches. The children helped me write a shopping list with all the things we might need and then they chose the fillings to go inside. We loved eating them at snack time. Yummy!

Miss Davey