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This week in Year 1…

This week in Year One, children found a mysterious green bike on the lawn and had to use their detective skills to work out who the bike belonged to. The children wrote questions they wanted to find the answer too. We decided we needed to become bike experts to help with our investigation. We looked at the evolution of the bike and created a timeline to plot its history. In task time this week children have had the opportunity to be bike mechanics, adjusting seats and pumping tyres, creating wheel mandalas, learning about friction, using computers to write vehicle facts and many more bike related activities. We labelled the mysterious bikes parts and then, just when all hope of finding the owner was beginning to fade, Mrs Armitage (the character from Mrs Armitage on wheels by Quentin Blake) appeared to claim her bike, she shared her story with us and set children the task of inventing and designing something that her bike needs.

A very busy week in Maths as we compared length and height, compared mass and compared speed and ordered timed event using ordinal numbers.