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This week in Year 2…

Science eggs-itement!

What a cracking time we had with Science this week! We did a very egg-cellent Science experiment to test the strength of egg shells. We had to write a hypothesis and predict how many books we thought 4 egg shells would hold before they cracked. We had to state our reasoning for our hypothesis and also write a brief description of how we will do the experiment. Then we cracked 4 eggs in half and using only the dome side of the egg, we placed them down on a towel in a square shape. Then one by one we placed the books on the egg shells! We were all eggs-tra nervous as we put on more and more books. It was a very egg-citing lesson. Then the children had to record their results and explain what actually happened and why.


We have continued linking our English work to our new friend, the Egg, who appeared on the roof at Grimsdell last week. We have been learning about exclamation sentences which must be introduced by a phrase with ‘what’ or ‘how’ and should include a verb. It is typically demarcated by an exclamation mark, some of the children’s examples included; ‘How amazing, I can fly!’, ‘How cool do I look wearing these goggles!’ and ‘What a terrific view from up here!’. Also, in preparation for our newspaper article about finding the egg, we wrote the facts we know using the 5 W’s – Who? What? When? Where? And Why?

Mrs Moir