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Upper School Book Club!

On Thursday lunchtime Upper School Book Club began again with a mixture of old hands and new recruits. This term we are trying something slightly different, thanks to Ms Bahoshy, our Head of Innovation. Excitingly, we are all trialling an online book club, reading the same book together, with a chapter being emailed to us every 3 days. Each pupil has a personal login which enables them to comment and make notes, sharing their thoughts with each other and also pupils at other schools around the country! This exciting project is still top secret but we hope to share some of the pupils’ thoughts with you in coming weeks.

After checking that the software was working properly, pupils shared the books they’ve been enjoying over the holidays.

Sarachi has been reading The Ones that Disappeared by Zana Fraillon. She said “It’s told in a really compelling way and the structure makes you feel like you’re inside the book.”

Maya R has been enjoying To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. “It’s about a girl who writes secret letters to five boys that she likes, to make herself stop fancying them. The letters accidentally get sent to the boys and she has to solve the mystery of how they’ve been sent….”

Maya D has read The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart, which she says was “really good – it’s about a girl named Frankie who’s in her second year at an American school (she is a sophomore).  It’s a love story about her meeting a boy called Matthew, who is part of a secret group that plays pranks on the school, like attaching a pair of bloomers to a flagpole. Her ex, who is also part of the group, comes back – Frankie wants to join but isn’t allowed because she’s a girl…”

Kiyan has enjoyed Varjak Paw by S.F. Said, saying “This would be great for Book Club because it uses lots of different language methods! The main character is a kitten who’s a Mesopotamian Blue and he learns a secret martial art from his grandfather…”

Daniel has been reading Eve of Man by Tom & Giovanna Fletcher. “It’s about extinction; close to humans dying out. There are huge floods and people have to live in houses they’ve made above the old buildings, that are now covered in water.”