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This week in Music…

The children have been using the claves in a circle game to feel and hear the pulse outload as the sticks are passed around the circle. The children had to lift and pass the stick around in time to the song ‘Apple Tree’. We practised this as a class then split into smaller groups where the children had time to practise independently then perform it to the rest of the class. They found out how important it was to work as a team in this activity otherwise one person would end up with too many claves by the end!

2AM have been assessing their own performances by choosing two children from the class to watch their assembly song ‘Magic Penny’ and look out for certain things that we felt were vital for a great performance. These were: good posture, expression and good sound production using a gentle but energetic tone which we have been working on to make the high notes sounds beautiful and not strained. They really rose to the challenge and enjoyed critiquing each other.

REK have worked so hard on their Chinese New Year song for their class assembly and we are really looking forward to showing you all next week.