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This week in Music…

We have been working on the difference between pulse and rhythm whilst learning how to play the different percussion instruments that we have. The children passed their instruments around the circle with each round of the song ‘Apple Tree’ and each time had the new challenge of how to play the instrument and hold either the pulse or rhythm.

I am encouraging the children to perform the instruments that they learn when they feel ready. Leonard in 1TP treated his class to a performance of a Waltz by Kabalevsky on the piano. Lenny was composed and confident, he introduced his piece proudly and performed wonderfully, I was so impressed with his ability.

In Nursery we have been looking at a book called ‘The Cranky Caterpillar’ by Richard Graham in which a little girl called Ezra finds a solemn caterpillar inside her piano who only knows how to play sad tunes. Whilst trying to cheer him up she introduces him to her friends who are different musical instruments. Nursery were so imaginative as we began to bring the story to life in the lesson, the children became Gary Gee-tar and Wassily the Violin. We will be exploring this book further after the half term.

In Year 2 task time we have been learning to sing ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’ and choosing percussion instruments to create the sound of the wind. We went outside and closed our eyes for a few minutes to listen to the wind before attempting to choose the instruments. Year 2 are really beginning to think more creatively about how they play certain instruments to suit the task.