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This week in Nursery…

We have had great fun in Nursery this week. On Monday, we went on a listening walk around the school. We wore an extra pair of ears to help with our listening, and heard all sorts of sounds including children talking, the phone ringing, alarms beeping and even the toilet flushing.

The children learnt the action and song for the ‘t’ sound and decorated it with tea leaves. The children have enjoyed the fire station role play area. They have been role playing putting out fires and responding to an emergency.

On Wednesday, we looked at the Numicon shape 5. The children then shared the various ways they show/draw/make numbers 1 to 5 for a display.

On Thursday, we thought about what makes us special. The children came up with some fantastic ideas about why they were special and shared them with the class.  We also had a try at being mindful, the children practised the petal meditation and tried to rest their minds.

Today we made some transport cookies. The children helped measure and weigh the ingredients and were very good at mixing. We had a class discussion about healthy eating and this led to the children deciding to use raisins instead of chocolate chips in their biscuits. They still tasted amazing!