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This week in Nursery…

We have had a busy week in Nursery as usual. On Monday, we played games with rhyming words. This is an important part of our phase 1 Phonics and helps us group sound blends together.

The children learnt the action and song for the sound ‘p’ and chose to decorate their ‘p’ with pink paper or printed with purple paint and pom-poms. The children listened to a very important story about Buddy the dog and his friend Ben who were learning all about using the internet safely. Ask your child what Buddy’s special song was all about.

The children have enjoyed the role play area being transformed into a deconstructed small world area. The children have created various buildings, structures and even made jails for the animals. The children enjoyed painting with large paint brushes and rollers out in the playground. The children drew with coloured chalk and then watched it magically disappear with water.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed creating some transient art, decorating hearts with flowers. We used these to then make beautiful Valentine’s Day cards.

On Thursday we played BINGO! The children learnt the rules to the game and had to be the first child to find all the Numicon shapes 1 to 5.

Today we had a go at making our very own boats. We then tested them on water and discussed what material was best for a boat to float.