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This week in PSHE…

This week in Year 2, we had a special visitor – PC Charlene, who came to talk about keeping safe in the community.

Firstly, the children discussed different ways of travelling safely to school e.g. car, bus, on foot, and the important safety measures they and parents need to take. PC Charlene have given the children a very important job – to be ‘seatbelt and mobile phone officers’, so they will be checking!

The children learnt about ‘The Magic 4’ – four groups of trusted people that keep us safe – family, police in uniform, teachers and friends. They discussed about what to do if they are lost in the local area and several groups of people to ask for help – police in uniform, shopkeeper, security guard, and a mum with a buggy.

Finally the children learnt about strangers and what a stranger is – someone you don’t know! PC Charlene talked about what to do if approached by a stranger.  Can they tell you who to look for to help? What number must they call?

The children were lucky enough to look at and try on some pieces of police uniform which they loved! Thank you to PC Charlene for visiting Grimsdell.