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Upper School Book Club: Reading Online

This term, Upper School Book Club have been trialling an online book club called The Pigeonhole. Pupils have a personal login which they can use to read the club’s book, make comments about parts of the story and share thoughts with each other. Pupils can log on to read the story on the Library’s computers or through their own devices at home.

This week we began by reading the book’s blurb, and comparing it with the story so far. We asked pupils whether they felt the blurb offers a good description of the main plot.

Prisha said “The blurb doesn’t tell the whole story but it leaves it at a cliffhanger – this pulls the reader in.” Noah agreed, saying “It makes the reader really want to read the book.” Maximiliano disagreed slightly, saying “It doesn’t describe the reason he ran away to the circus”. If you’d like to find out why for yourself, just ask Mrs Hunt to reserve this unusual, funny and scary book!

We also discussed our favourite characters, with many readers nominating Ned, the protagonist. Eleanor said “I like reading about his emotions and learning who helps [him]”. Maya R added “I like Ned because he is so clueless about what is happening – and I like the clowns because they are creepy.” Prisha and Noah both mentioned Ned’s curiosity as their favourite trait of his. Maisie and Ruby both chose Sister Clementine from the Prologue, with Ruby commenting “she is really mysterious!”

The pupils made lots of predictions about what could happen next in the story, ranging from discoveries to monster battles to saving the world. Lots of pupils have predicted that Ned will meet the girl who is mentioned throughout the story… I hope they are correct!

Happy reading!

Mrs Hunt (Librarian) and Miss Bufton (Head of English)