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Celebrating Women in Science

The Science Department marked International Women’s day this year by inviting Year 6 girls from Belmont to a morning of activities focused around the theme of DNA. We celebrated Mill Hill’s link to Francis Crick whilst also recognising Rosalind Franklin, whose x-ray image helped Watson and Crick work out the double helix structure of DNA.

Miss Batsford led a session on the structure of DNA using microscopes to locate the nucleus of a cell then building DNA molecules out of sweeties. With Miss Izzo, the girls extracted DNA from peas and with Miss Fox they girls learnt more about Rosalind Franklin, photo 51 and how to infer an answer from clues.

Our Sixth Formers led an introduction on trailblazing female scientists and continued to support and encourage our guests throughout the morning. A huge thanks goes to Agne, Katie-Sai, Maia, Rasha and Wendy for being an inspiration to the girls and for being fine ambassadors for the study of science.

Lucy Fox
Head of Physics