Lower School Book Week

Reading Week in Lower School has been such fun with lots of exciting activities. The main aim of the week is to encourage the children to spend time enjoying their reading and there have been plenty of opportunities over the week to do so whether reading with their buddies, being read to by SMT or taking part in the House Readathon.

House Book Quiz

It all started with a closely fought House Book Quiz with the Jutes narrowly pipping the Danes to first place by one point! The highlight of Tuesday was the frantic search for Where’s Wally around the school. It was a joy to behold, even causing the office to put a sign on their door to say there are no Wallys in the office!! Speaking of doors, the Lower School children have impressed with their imaginative and colourful decorations of their classroom doors.

Nick Falk visits Belmont

On Wednesday we were treated to an amazingly energetic and interactive talk by the author Nick Falk. He likes to write books that are three parts exciting and one part educational, with a dollop of the fantastical thrown in. He clearly inspired the children with his exuberant performance and had them coming up with a host of funny and intriguing ideas for stories. It was such an entertaining morning. As an additional treat, Nick very kindly donated two of his books to the Library, which he also signed and dedicated to Belmont! If you’d like to read How to Stop an Alien Invasion Using Shakespeare or How to Beat Genghis Khan in an Arm Wrestle (or some of Nick’s other books) just talk to Mrs Hunt: they have already flown off the shelves so you can be added to the waiting list.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the event, with Georgia saying “He was funny! He also read with lots of expression.” Minnie agreed, saying “He had really good expression and was really good at acting. His books are fun and cool and I really like them!” Jasmyn said “the best bit was the hammer bit! The story he read to us was a really good story – it was funny.” Aman described the event as “Terrific!” and said the best bit was “when Olivia hit Miss Cregg with the hammer!” (Please note, no teachers were harmed during this event – well, not physically, at least…)

Sofia said “I liked that it was funny and it made me laugh. He inspired me like Roald Dahl does with his stories.” Elysse described the talk as “hilarious: he should come back with his newest book, and he should never stop writing!”

This was followed in the afternoon by our now traditional Poetry Recitation Final. I am always amazed by how confidently the children perform. They spoke with great clarity and expression. They should all be extremely proud of their achievements. The winners were as follows:

Year 3

  1. Ishan
  2. Serafina
  3. Zoe

Year 4 

  1. Ava
  2. Charlotte
  3. Lucy and Yasmine

Year 5

  1. Emily
  2. Luca
  3. Ariella

World Book Day Parade

World Book Day is always a wonderfully enjoyable day at Belmont. The children and staff braved the blustery conditions to parade around the quad and once again amazed us with some wonderful costumes, all to celebrate the joy of reading. Thank you to all the parents for their efforts with the costumes and to those able to come and watch the parade.

Year 5 and Year 8 Shakespeare Workshop

A highlight for Year 5 students was a workshop from Year 8 to introduce to them to the wonderful, lyrical language of Shakespeare. Following their recent trip to The Globe Theatre, Year 8 imparted their pearls of performing wisdom and became travelling acting troops- working with small groups of Year 5 students to act out key lines, scene or themes from ‘Romeo and Juliet’. This all being done in fancy dress further added to the drama and humour of the workshop, with a particularly potent battle between Harry Potter (Tybalt) and The Grinch (Romeo)!

Year 3 visits Bucks County Museum

The week ended for Year 3 with a trip to the Bucks County Museum to visit the Roald Dahl gallery. Great fun was had with all the interactive exhibits. What a week it has been!