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Mercury Sighting for our Astronomers

Recently Mr Watterson and Mr Marmery led some keen pupils along The Ridgeway to Mill Field in the hope of spotting Mercury. Success was certainly at hand as two of the Astronomy Club’s regulars Kinuri R (Weymouth) and Felix (McClure), along with two enthusiastic non-members, Liberty and Lauren D, got a chance to observe Mercury, Mars, the Pliedes, and the Orion Nebula through binoculars and the club’s new travel telescope.

It was an amazing experience for the pupils; opportunities to observe Mercury are extremely rare and it was certainly a spectacular sight as it was situated high and bright in the sky on this particular evening.

The Astronomy Club runs on a Monday after School in the Science Department and pupils learn to observe and understand the heavens through naked eye, optical and radio telescopes. The club follows the GCSE Astronomy Curriculum and pupils have the opportunity after two years to sit the GCSE Astronomy exam, demonstrating a keen interest in science. This is the first year pupils will be aiming to achieve this rare qualification.

If you are interested in learning more about this club, please speak to Mr Watterson, Mr Marmery or Miss Ward.