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This week in Music…

Year 2 have been exploring the story of ‘Stan and Mabel and the Race for Space’ as we will be attending a live concert of the story at the Wigmore Hall next week. They took on roles as newsreaders and weather reporters and experimented with different accents to read the news headlines from the story. The children improvised scenes and were brilliantly creative and funny. Some chose to alter their look slightly and use props to help them to get more into character!

Year 1 have been learning to read and write rhythms using the Kodály Method, which uses simple syllables to represent key rhythms such as ‘ta, ti-ti’ representing ‘crotchet, quaver quaver.’ The children initially learnt the rhythms using their bodies. They were then able to create their own rhythms based on a 4/4 time signature and used wooden sticks and rhythm cards to write the rhythms. The children worked in small groups creating lots of different rhythms and practising clapping them back. This method is a wonderfully accessible way of understanding rhythm as the syllables actually “sound” like the rhythm they represent and hold the same amount of time. Year 1 picked this up instinctively and it was lovely to watch them independently creating and understanding different rhythms.