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This week in Nursery…

Well we have had an amazing week in Nursery with the arrival of the duck eggs. The children and staff have loved watching the eggs hatch and seeing the ducks grow and develop over the week. The children have enjoyed learning about how the ducks use their egg tooth to hatch out of the egg and how they grow fluffier as they get stronger. What a fantastic experience for us all!

The children have enjoyed all the duck related activities we have been doing alongside this. We have made our very own duck diary, a pond for some rubber ducks and created ducks with lots of different materials.

We have continued to enjoy science week by developing our observational skills. The children have looked at how flowers change colour in coloured water, how a gummy bear grows bigger in water and how skittles lose their colour when we add water.

The children loved the Scootability session in PE this week. They moved around on their scooters with great co-ordination and care.

Today the children enjoyed their forest school session, they made seed bombs and made something special ready for Mother’s day next week.