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This week in Reception…

What a fantastic week we have had in Reception!  Thank you to all our Mystery Readers, the children loved waiting to see who would come in each day.  Thank you also to our volunteers for the GPA art project, the children really enjoyed joining in and are so proud of the finished pieces. Our book for Book Week was ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell and we have spotted other books by Rod Campbell in our class book collections. To enhance our learning around the story we have been painting zoo animals, labelling, writing a letter to the zoo, making cages for animals and designing and building our own small world zoos.  Linking to Maths we have been comparing sizes of animals, measuring them, weighing them and calculating the right sized box or cage to build to house various animals.

In addition to Book Week we also learnt about Shrove Tuesday. Maggie was kind enough to make the children pancakes for pudding and the children enjoyed tossing pancakes in the playground at play time.