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This week in Year 1…

This week the focus in Year 1 has been Science, Scootability and the history of the train. Children had the opportunity to take part in an ECO Superhero’s Drama workshop and also a fascinating STEM workshop as part of Science Week. The weather behaved and we also managed to put on our Scootability House Challenge. Children navigated their way around traffic obstacles, followed the road rules, and remembered to be courteous drivers, all while having some serious fun!

As part of our current focus on trains, we learnt about George Stephenson, the Father of the Railway. A fascinating man who overcame poverty, worked from the age of 14 and went to school 3 nights a week to learn to read and write. Children were engrossed in his story and how we had such a profound change in Britain during the Industrial Revolution. They received a list of facts that were true, could be true and false about Mr Stephenson and had to use their reasoning skills to determine the answers. We then wrote our favourite facts we had learnt about him. We labelled parts of a steam train similar to the ones Mr Stephenson had invented.

In Art we used scenes from the ‘Rain Train’ story to inspire a stormy landscape scene with a glowing train travelling along a horizon, they are impressive! Children used ink to build a background, sticks and ink for the eerie barren trees, and drew and cut out their train silhouette and placed yellow card behind to create the illusion of it glowing along the tracks.

In Maths we have been focusing on learning the language of problem solving to find a missing whole or part, which requires children to add or subtract from the whole, part model.