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This week in Year 2…

This week we concluded our second Task Time cycle in Year 2 this term.  Over three weeks children have had the opportunity to take part in seven activities working with different members of staff and pupils across the year group.  These have included:

Thinking Skills: solving clues to match the inventor with their invention (with Mrs Savva).

Art: making stained glass Kites using tissue paper, a laminator and card (with Miss Matsushita).

Computing: coding (with Mrs Moir).

Topic:  work on Leonardo Da Vinci and mirror writing! (with Mrs Josephides).

English: writing a Diamonte poem comparing a kite with a red kite (with Miss Mason).

Maths: learning about grid references and co-ordinates (Mrs Hurst).

Music: creating a Kite flying sountrack and learning the song ‘Let’s go Fly a Kite’ from Mary Poppins (with Mrs Wakefield

Miss Matsushita

On Monday, the Toffee Bear Choir were out of school at the Royal Festival Hall as they took part in the National Music for Youth Festival. We were so proud of all of the children and their performance was outstanding.

The rest of the children had a wonderful day at school as they all merged to make one class in 2AM for the day! Before break time, the children rotated between different activities:-

  • The children visited the library with Mrs Harvey
  • They logged onto ‘Busy Things’ in the computing room and completed maths challenges
  • In pairs, they played a practical maths game adding and taking away tens and ones.

After break, we had a phonics session and then we put our artistic hats on! The children were encouraged to be ‘Leonardo da Charlotte’ or ‘Leonardo da George’, replacing Vinci with their own name, drawing in the style of Leonardo da Vinci. We looked very carefully at some examples of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings relating to flight, taking time to demonstrate the art of sketching. The children used their artistic abilities to draw their own representation of one of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings. To make sure that our work looked authentic and old, we tore the edges of the paper and tea stained our artwork after we had finished. What superb effort everyone, thank you!

Mrs Moir