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This week in Year 2…

Year 2 welcomed GPA parents into our classrooms this week. They are organising a charity auction of art that the children have made across the school. After coordinating with staff, parents planned an art activity for the children to complete independently. The focus in 2AM was around the book ‘Lighter than Air’ by Matthew Clark Smith, which we were focusing on last week. The children had to decorate a hot air balloon using a variety of resources from paint, to glitter and sequins. Then they used cotton wool to paint some clouds on a blue background. After waiting for the hot air balloons to dry, the children stuck them onto the canvas deciding where to place them. The final result looks spectacular! In 2YM, the children made and decorated kites out of paper and card which follows on from our learning about Leonardo da Vinci. The kites were then laminated and displayed on a canvas with a painted tree. In 2RM, the focus for their art was linked to our learning on inventors. The parents chose ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl, specifically concentrating on the Oompa Loompas. The children decorated the background on the canvas using paint and tissue paper, then they made their own Oompa Loompa to add to the river scene including sweets to decorate it. Thank you to the parents for their time and efforts on this project.

In Art, Year 2 children were challenged with painting hot air balloons using a stick and ink technique. First we discussed what real hot air balloons are made from and why they are used. Then they had to find the centre of the page and begin sketching hot air balloons by looking carefully at an outline so that they could achieve the appropriate shape. Some of the children chose to draw wonderful detail on their hot air balloon while others added terrific, bold colours to make a striking display. After adding colour using drawing ink, the children used the black ink to outline their hot air balloon, drawing out the detail they had added. I think you will agree, the finished results look incredible!

Year 2 have enjoyed celebrating Book Week at Grimsdell by participating in a variety of events including teacher run, book swap, dress up day and a visit by the author of’ Sadie the Airmail Pilot’, Kellie Strom. This book will be the focus for our learning for the next couple of weeks. We must give special thanks to our wonderful parents who have been very enthusiastic Mystery Readers, visiting our classroom, to read to the children.