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This week in Year 2…

Art: We had a splendid artistic start to the week in Year 2, with the fantastic, creative talents of Maureen Burgess from Primary Matters. She guided the children through different stages of sketching, to acrylic painting and finally through to using oil pastels. It was a multimedia piece of art with the children taking every stage in their stride. They started with painting a striking sunset or daytime sky using a selection of appropriate colour acrylic paints. Next they sketched fields and they were encouraged to blend and mix colours to achieve different effects. Some children then added hedgerows to these fields providing outline and definition. Our backgrounds were allowed to dry as we learnt about sketching aeroplanes and birds. Whilst this was a challenging task, the children showed perseverance, resilience and amazing effort in their achievements. We are very proud of Year 2! Please take time to view some of their art on display around the school, which is also proudly adorning the front of their learning journals.