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Y6 trip to the Brent Sikh Centre

Following almost a term of studying the Sikh faith year 6 had a wonderful trip to the Brent Sikh Centre in Kingsbury to visit the Gurdwara.

The children began their tour by leaving their shoes in the rack, washing their hands and covering their heads.  First we were shown to the prayer hall to watch The Guru Granth Sahib being read,  the children listened attentively to our hosts Lily and Mrs Anand who explained how the Gurdwara was used and the events and rituals that take place.   The children had prepared amazing questions for our hosts and were really able to demonstrate all their learning in challenging and respectful questions.

Finally we all enjoyed our break time snack in the Langar Hall, the communal free kitchen in the Gurdwara where anyone is welcome to eat.  Lots of the children chose to sit on the floor as is tradition in the Langar Hall and keeping to the rules of the Langar they made sure they ate all their fruit!  A wonderful opportunity for the children to see equality and inclusion in action in the Gurdwara.

Mrs Nunez, Religious Studies Teacher