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This week in Music…

Reception have been learning about how music can enhance a story. They picked different percussion instruments to create a particular mood or sound effect. We have been learning to play many different percussion instruments this year and the children are becoming very familiar with the sounds they make and the correct way to play them. As a result they have impressed me with their ability to choose appropriate sounds to suit the story.

Year 1 and 2 have had a fun week learning more songs for their productions and Year 2 have already mastered the perfect pirate “ARRRR!”

Athena, ITP brought in her saxophone to show the class. She demonstrated the correct play to hold the instrument and played us the notes that she has learnt to play so far, these were, B, A, G, F. She also spoke to the class about how the pressure of the air blown into the reed of the saxophone changes the sound.  Athena then confidently took questions from the class and was able to answer them all!

It is wonderful to see the children talk informatively about their instruments and with such passion.