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This week in Music…

The nursery children invited their families to watch a music lesson this week. We showed them some of the warmups we use and how the children have learnt to feel the pulse of the music. They sang “Sunshine in my Heart” beautifully whilst showing the pulse on their bodies and using the egg shakers. Over the past few weeks in our lessons we have been choosing percussion instruments to help bring “The Cranky Caterpillar” story to life. Each child took charge of a sound whether it was a sound to represent the caterpillar’s cranky or happy mood, the fluttering of wings when it turns into a butterfly or representing a light bulb moment when the character has an idea. What struck me about the nursery children during this session was their ability to focus on the lesson even though they were surrounded by their families. They listened carefully to the story, waited attentively for their turn to play, and stopped at the correct time by following my lead.

Well done to Ava and Anthony in Year 2 who played the piano to their class which we all enjoyed very much.