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This week in Nursery…

This week pirates visited Nursery. The children came into school every day to find a new letter from Captain Patch. He had accidently stolen our treasure last week and each day he left us a present to say sorry.

He left us his favourite book ‘Captain Beastlies Pirate Party’, some of his own treasure and he even made us a pirate shop. We had great fun using the pirate treasure to pay for items in the shop. The children were given 5 golden coins and then had to work out what items they could afford with their treasure. They were really good at working out what they had enough money for. Maybe they could have a go at buying objects with real money over the weekend?

The pirates finally returned our treasure on Thursday, they left us a treasure map with an X to make the spot of our treasure. We had great fun following the map and getting our treasure back.

Also this week the children enjoyed learning the new sounds ‘r and h’ and decorating their sounds cards with red glitter and hearts.

We also explored floating and sinking by making our own boats this week. The children remembered what material worked best when making a boat and most of the children’s boats floated on the water.

On Thursday we found many different items in the classroom and tested to see if they floated or sunk to the bottom of our water tray. The children had some great explanations about why some items did and didn’t float.

Today in forest school the children received a note form the forest school fairies. They had heard about the pirates stealing our treasure and knew how good the children were at finding treasure so left them a treasure hunt. At the end of the hunt the children found medallions that they could decorate and make into necklaces.

What a busy week!!! AAARRRHH!!