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This week in Year 1…

This week in Year 1 Maureen, our Art Specialist took the children on a journey into the deep waters of the ocean by showing us how to create an underwater scene. Firstly, the children sketched an outline of a basic fish, including the body, fins and the tails. Next, they applied white tissue paper to create textured effect followed by washes of ink. Darker ink was next used to create the patterns on the fish. For the background, the children used oil pastels to explore coral and sea weed, then washed down the background with a green and blue ink to create the deep sea.

In our literacy lessons the children have been reading the text ‘Manfish’ by Jennifer Berne and Under the Sea by Anna Milbourne and Cathy Shimmen. Both texts gives a description of the deep oceans and seas. The children wrote a short descriptive paragraph of what they would see if they were a deep sea diver like Jacques Cousteau, a famous underwater sea explore. They were encouraged to describe, use adjectives, verbs and similes. Here are few sentences from the children ‘s writing: “I put on my diving kit and dived into the underwater land”, “The shark’s jaws were as sharp as spikes”, “I see the turtles doing a front crawl”, “The water is quiet as the turtle swimming by” and “I see the trees of coral doing a slow dance.”