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This week in Year 1…

On Monday, Year 1 went on an exciting trip to the Science Museum. We went to see the film, ‘Under the Sea’ in 3D. The children were fascinated by the most exotic undersea creatures close up. Wearing their 3D glasses children reached out to touch leafy green dragons, stingrays, jelly fishes, sharks and many more weird and wonderful creatures below the ocean. They learnt about the beautiful coral and how it is being destroyed by many factors such as, bleaching and carbon pollution, which is heating our planet and warming the oceans.  The children also ventured to the ‘Garden’ an interactive space to explore floating, sinking, shadows and reflections. ‘Who am I’  was another area the children explored, with different stations  explaining the characteristics that makes us unique from each other through our personality, intelligence and language as well our genetic configuration.

Following up from their experience at school the next day the children wrote about their experiences and drew some of the creatures they had seen in the movie.