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This week in Year 2…

This week, we have been continuing to dive in to our main text ‘Manfish’ by Jennifer Berne which is the story of famous diver Jacques Cousteau. In one of our English lessons this week the children listened carefully to the description of Jacques’ first proper dive in the ocean with his aqua lung. We then used pencils and crayons to create the scene we imagine on our paper, thinking about the colours and shapes that are described by the author.

‘On their journeys, they dove deep into a seascape of plants. Green and purple prickly plants. Red branchy plants. Spongy plants. Wispy, feathery, swaying plants, slow-dancing to the rhythms of the sea. They discovered plants that could feed you. Plants that could poison you. Plants that looked like fish…and fish that looked like plants. They swam with giant whales, hitched rides on sea turtles, and made friends with porpoises with shining eyes and smiling faces.’

At the end of the lesson, we had a big discussion about how description is an important literary tool as it helps us picture what is happening in the story when there are no pictures to accompany the text.