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Upper School Book Club: Carnegie and Greenaway Shadowing

Upper School Book Club began again this Thursday with a fresh cohort of readers eager to enjoy some new titles! We began by voting for our next group read which was (for once) a unanimous decision – watch this space in the next few weeks to see what the group have chosen….

Our next order of business was to begin thinking about the books shortlisted for both the Carnegie and Greenaway medals. These prestigious medals are awarded annually to the best book for children and best illustrated book for children by a group of children’s and young people’s librarians.

This year sees the first Shadowers’ Award, with one of the titles being voted for by the children in shadowing groups across the land. Our page looks slightly bare for now as we have only just begun the process, but if you’d like to see our thoughts, you can keep checking our Group Page here:

https://www.carnegiegreenaway.org.uk/grouphomepages/index.php?GroupID=26875 You can also see this year’s shortlisted titles and find out more about each one on the same website.

Happy Reading (and reviewing!)

Mrs Hunt (Librarian) and Miss Bufton (Head of English)