Wellbeing Week 2019 - Mill Hill Schools


Wellbeing Week 2019

Thank you all for engaging and supporting the wellbeing activities that have been happening in school this week.  Our focus this year was to promote happiness and wellbeing through free to do, feel good activities. They have proved so popular that we hope to make them a regular part of Grimsdell life! (watch this space).

The morning music has been so well supported and received and has certainly started my day with a smile.  Many thanks to Kevin Kyle, Nick Simon and Alison for volunteering and being brave enough to share their talents.  Oh, and the staff choir, we loved it so much we are thinking of being an actual choir! It is amazing how many other people came forward offering their musical talents too.  We will be in touch! It is proven that singing is good for your health, Good Housekeeping agree and who are we to argue!


The children have been running around the football pitch every day.  This has proved so popular with both them and the staff that we hope to maintain it for the rest of the term by asking every class to try and get out for a run at least 3 times a week.  There was a lot of publicity surrounding the first school that introduced the ‘daily mile’ and the benefits they saw in their children was quickly adopted by other schools.  After all, the moving child id the learning child.

Mrs Moir’s morning mindfulness has had an overwhelming response and as such we are looking to make the morning drop in session a more permanent, weekly thing.  We are so lucky to have her championing mindfulness in Grimsdell and we certainly hope to equip our children for their future life with the skills to identify when they need to stop, reflect and take a moment. Again, watch this space!

Other events happening include some children being lucky enough to visit the therapy dogs at MMHI.  These dogs go into hospitals, hospices and senior citizen centres and visit people who may not have the benefit of the unconditional love and affection a dog can offer.  Our children, even the tentative ones all had a stroke and a cuddle, even with Nelson the huge 50kg dog!  Thanks to MMHI for sharing their event with us.  I do people our little people are also a source of wellbeing as they were very much welcomed by the MMHI staff and pupils.  On that note, some 6th formers came to read to the  Afternoon Nursery Children during forest school, I’m not sure who had more fun!

As we move forward as a Foundation we are working toward the Wellbeing in Education award and I believe carrying on with the events that went well will support the evidence needed to show that we have pupil, staff and parent well being at the heart of what we do everyday.