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Year 7 Trip to Tate Modern

On Thursday last week Year 7 visited the Pierre Bonnard exhibition at the Tate Modern.

This was Belmont’s very own private view at the Tate! We learned all about Bonnard’s use of colour and how he painted mainly from memory!

You need to look closely at his paintings to see the true meaning behind the beautiful images he created. In the afternoon we followed activities set by Mr McNulty and learned about lots of different modern art.

From Claude Monet “Water Lilies” through to cutting edge contemporary artists like Yinka Shonibare, Erkan Ozgen and Sarah Sze.

“I liked the Tate Modern because it made me feel inspired! Roma M

“Every piece of art was quirky in its own way!” Tabitha VH

“Being there with my friends to see the artwork was the best part.” Nina

“It was fascinating to see the creativity in the gallery.” Josh C

“I really enjoyed the Pierre Bonnard exhibition, the paintings were fascinating.” Manolo

We were all really lucky and privileged to visit this extraordinary gallery.” This trip review was authored by Roma, Olivia and Jasmin in Year 7. A big thank you goes out to Mr Goldin who helped to facilitate the trip for the whole of Year 7.

Mr McNulty would also like to thank the following teachers, Mr McGuinness, Mrs Fisher, Miss Turner, Mr Tongue, Mrs Nunez, Miss Daly, Mrs Daly, Mrs Smith, Mr Palmer, Mr Hayward and Mr Jenkins. Without their help the trip wouldn’t have happened!

A great day out was had by everyone!

James McNulty- Head of Art