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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

To complement Year 7’s study of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in the Summer Term, we were lucky to experience a performance from Quantum Theatre Company, which brought to life the fruitful words of our most famous bard and immersed students in the twisted and hilarious plot. After days of torrential rain, we were blessed with beautiful sunshine, meaning we were able to watch the play in all of nature’s glory on the Headmaster’s Lawn – a perfect setting for the fairy forest.

We hope that this experience prompted students in their physical engagement with the text, as we are teaching the play predominantly through focusing on the development of speaking and listening skills: presentation, debate and Drama. We hope it will be an enriching term of laughter and experimentation, which will promote a life-long love for the richness and flavour of Shakespeare’s wonderful words.

On Monday, as a year group, we watched an outstanding play: ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. We were amazed by the fact that there were only five performers managing to play many different characters. The production was completely and utterly interesting, full of many laugh-out-loud moments. This version of the comedy play covered the story in great detail, enlightening us on one of Shakespeare’s finest and most detailed storylines. It was outdoors on the Headmaster’s Lawn, which contributed to a more natural experience, as we were immersed in nature as the characters became immersed in the forest.

Our favourite part was how Lysander and Demetrius fought for Hermia’s love; their battles brought great amounts of laughter and made us feel very absorbed. The performance really made us feel like we were part of Shakespeare’s most famous and popular texts.

Dele Kole (7AW) and Noah Pymble (7LN)

Miss Bufton (Head of English)