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Group A: Blog One

What. A. Day. Twenty-two hours of travelling and waiting. The day started with us finding out that Group B had robbed our coach because  theirs driver had unfortunately got concussed… Luckily Mr Vercoe was able to quickly organise a different coach for us! We got to Heathrow, checked in, then went around the terminal for an hour. Though the plane left half an hour late, we were just in time to see the sunset over London. The journey went by with lots of sleeping and ended with everyone eating breakfast whilst watching the sunrise coming into Adis Ababa.

Our two hour lay over went quickly and we were soon on our way to Ndola! Just as we arrived we found out that the President of Zambia would be arriving shortly and we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of His Excellency and his entourage as they passed us by. We then began an hour long bus journey which was a complete culture shock for many of us. We enjoyed seeing wildlife, fires in the distance and waving at passers by. After finally arriving at Mpelembe School we quickly unpacked and then jumped straight in with a huge football game with many of the pupils of the School.

We ended the day preparing the training kits for tomorrow before enjoying dinner and heading back to our dorms, exhausted. Stay tuned on our blogs and our social media (Instagram and Twitter) pages for all Group A updates!