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Group A: Blog Two

A great way to start this trip was Mr Oakes coming in at 6:30am to call us a disappointment and wake us up for morning workout. It was surprisingly cold for an African morning, however it was a refreshing start to a beautiful first full day in Zambia.

Walking through the streets gave us a real glimpse of the culture we’ll be immersed in for the next two and half weeks. It has made us even more enthusiastic about the future teaching I will share with not only my group, but the Zambian children. We travelled to multiple schools around the local area and tested out our previously learnt tag rugby knowledge. Everyone was passionate about getting involved in the games that were set up for the children.

Later on in the day we were lead across town to visit another school by some of the children who we had met that very morning. We stumbled across a Catholic mass ceremony, where we saw the villagers sing and dance as the priest followed in procession. Our visit to the school was very eventful; Joe was chased by one of the kids who had got hold of a crab and thought it hilarious that he had a fear of them!

It really hit home to us all when we played a game of football using an improved ball made out of a bundle of plastic bats – the children really do treasure everything and waste nothing.

Joe & Henry