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Group A: Blog Four

On our fourth day in Zambia we started off with another morning work out sesh with Mr Oakes before getting started with the training.

We had two morning sessions at Wesley Nyrienda School and then two afternoon sessions at Temweni School. When we got to the second school, the whole atmosphere was different. The word had got around about our presence. We got as far as starting to play the beginnings of tag rugby with all of our groups. As we left, the whole field was full of kids saying goodbye. During lunch we joined back up with the ‘smeb gang’ and went to the petrol station, which is the most commercialised building we have seen in Zambia so far. After that we went to our second school which was much busier and harder as most of the pupils were outside. Some hadn’t even seen a rugby ball before which made them even more excitable and full of energy. They all wanted to plait Miss Booths hair and get involved with the tag rugby.

Our fifth day in Zambia started off again with another sesh with Mr Oakes. We then started off the day at Wesley school with another two morning sessions. Today, we introduced more advanced skills through playing more tag rugby-like games such as using more offside rules. We then had two sessions at Temweni. The kids were really starting to get the hang of the game which made us even more excited for the tournament on Friday. We ended the day with a lovely dinner at a local restaurant and a look around the shops at a mall to stock up on supplies. We’re all very looking forward to the tournament on Friday and then going on Safari on Saturday!

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